How to Stop Spam Comments in WordPress for Free

If you have a new lunch WordPress website / blog, for a few months your site has not a prone for spam comments at first, but once your website became a popular on the internet and your site has a regulars traffics at this  stage your wordpress site will be attack the auto generated spam comments in your blog post.

These kind of comment has not a make sense to your blog post, a spam comment leave a anonymous link, if you didn’t action this serious issue these spam will be grow to your website.

So how to stop it? how to protect to your wordpress site on this?

Well don’t worry there have a great solution, using the Akismet anti spam plugin you website will be secure from the comment spams.

Some WordPress designers,  developers and blogger didn’t know there free Akismet API key, they thought there have a payment for Akismet, yes there have payment for big commercial sites, but its free for WordPress self hosted site, there have a trick how to get it FREE.

In the video tutorial from my youtube channel i will show you on how to stop the comments spam in your WordPress and the trick to get the free akismet api key, and how to set up to your site.

kindly watch the video…

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